Custom branded containers and waste baskets


The reusable, rigid plastic packaging market continues to grow and expand as brand owners, retailers and end users look to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging. Sustainable packaging has significant implications on the rigid plastic packaging industry to provide a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials of the past – glass, metal & paperboard boxes.

ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions has been successfully serving the Reusable Container market for four decades with innovative equipment and consumable solutions for decorating a variety of products - plastic pails, waste/environmental containers, plastic pallets and other material handling items such as trays, crates, totes and bins. With a full range of technology (hot stamp, heat transfer & pad print), ITW IDS is the leader in reusable container part decoration.

IDS Delivers Expertise

Decorating rigid plastic containers requires a unique combination of robust systems with precise tooling & components to ensure consistent results.  Applying a decoration of a logo, instruction, barcode or sequential number onto a reusable container improves appearance, helps identify the use of a product and provide instruction to add value to the part.

Whether the application calls for a stand-alone unit, integration with a robot or an in-line automation, ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions offers unique solutions and support for all your reusable container decorating needs.


  • Plastic Pails/Buckets (round & square)
  • Residential Roll-out Carts
  • Recycling Totes and Bins
  • Commercial Refuse Cans
  • Medical Waste Containers
  • Pallets (injection molded, structural foam)
  • Agricultural Crates
  • Bulk Boxes
  • Nestable Totes
  • Collapsible/Foldable Containers
  • Food Handling Containers
  • Beverage and Bakery Trays
  • Beverage Coolers
  • Mop Buckets
  • Sanitation Containers, Dispensers and Supplies