Heat transfer equipment

Heat Transfer & Hot Stamp Equipment

Industrial Decorating Solutions' brands, United Silicone and ITW CER, manufacture a complete line of standard and custom hot stamp and heat transfer machines. Our standard hot stamping machines range from 1/2-ton to 24-ton, while our automation department offers complete capabilities from integrated applications to full turnkey systems..

Evolution Series
United Silicone branded Evolution Heat Transfer Systems are designed specifically for high-speed application of multi-color heat transfer decals up to 355 degrees on both square, round, and oval pails. Its unique design allows for adjustment to accommodate various bucket diameters, draft angles and height.

Glass Decoration Series
Our ITW CER branded Glass Decoration Series, manufactured by the IDS division, is designed to decorate on glass bottles and jars, using rolling or vertical stamping and high quality hot stamp foils.

Peripheral US Series
Designed to accommodate a wide range of part sizes, our United Silicone branded peripheral decorating process is ideal for applying heat transfers or foil decoration to small cylindrical surfaces such as cosmetic tubes, pens, or similar objects for rapid parameter adjustments.

Quadrax Series
Designed for decorating cosmetic objects with a variety of shapes including oval, cylindrical, triangular, square, and polygonal, the Industrial Decorating Solutions CER branded Quadrax machines dominate the cosmetics and personal care market.

Roll-On Series
The decoration on large-area part surfaces that are configured flat or have a slight contour is best accomplished with IDS' United Silicone branded roll-on decorating process. With this method a silicone rubber roller delivers heat and pressure through contact with the part to apply foil or pre-printed heat transfers.

Triax Series
This system is designed to decorate round, tapered, or cylindrical objects, and is CER branded at our location in France.

Tub Series
Designed specifically for decorating on flexible tubes, these CER branded systems are perfect for cosmetic and personal care applications.

Ultimax Series
This CER branded machine series decorates round and cylindrical objects at an exclusively high speed.

Vertical US Series
The Industrial Decorating Solutions United Silicone branded hot stamp and heat transfer decorating machines provide advanced capabilities for reduced setup time, high reliability, efficiency, smooth and quiet operation, and simplified troubleshooting. All heat transfer and hot stamping technology feature stable, consistent head travel and smooth advance for optimum performance and transfer quality from job-to-job.