Evolution Heat Transfer Systems

United Silicone's Evolution Series consists of the following Heat Transfer Systems - Evolution2, Evolution HT, and the Evolution HT Growers Edition - each of these systems were specifically built for high-speed, multi-color decoration of pails. All three systems have the ability to apply the heat transfer decals up to 355 degrees, as well as allowing for various container diameters, draft angles, and heights. The Evolution Series provides customers with a full realm of Heat Transfer solutions for the containers market, whether it be decorating square pails with the Evolution2, or garden pails with the Evolution HT Growers Edition, the IDS Division has the solution for you.


  • High Speed Pail / Container Decoration
  • Up to 355 Degrees of Decoration Coverage
  • Compact Footprint
  • Accommodates Various Container Sizes
Easy-to-Use Operating System
Accurate, repeatable transfer placement with quick job changeovers and less down time.
One Single Transfer Roll
Eliminates the need to align images, with all four panels being pre-printed on one single roll.
Full Product Decorating
Allows decoration of heat transfer decals up to 355 degrees around the container (including squared containers on the Evolution 2 system).
"No Label" Look
Brilliant, multi-color, seamless graphics appear to be part of the container.
High Speed Decoration
Has improved customer productivity by 15-20%.

Technical Specifications



Evolution HT

Evolution HT Growers Edition

Max. print size 355o Coverage 355o Coverage 355o Coverage
Max. cycle speed 8 pails / min. 12 pails / min. 10 pails / min.
Pneumatic 100 PSI
moisture free air
100 PSI
moisture free air
100 PSI
moisture free air
Requirements Natural Gas or Propane Natural Gas or Propane
Natural Gas or Propane
Electrical 480 V, 3 Phase 30 AMP 480 V, 3 Phase, 15 AMP
480 V, 3 Phase 15 AMP
Weight N/A lbs. N/A lbs. N/A lbs.
Dimensions 70W x 87H x 149L inches 124W x 66H x 75L inches
124W x 66H x 75L inches