Tub Hot Stamp Systems

Our ITW CER branded Tub Series, brought to you only by the IDS Division, is designed for decorating flexible tubes for applications like cosmetic and personal care.


  • Superior Flexible Tube Decoration
  • Remote & On-Site Training and Maintenance
  • High-Quality Production
  • High Throughput Rate

The Tub-400 fully meets the requirements to decorate flexible tubes. Its unique design and technical innovations ensure high-quality production at a high throughput rate. Equipped with a servo driven stamping head ensures speed and accuracy while maintaining its high speed operations.

- Servo driven placement of the decoration or label (CVR)
- 100% quality control of the objects (CVI)
- Uses metal or silicone dies
- Simple and rapid change to labeling mode (TLA)
- High-throughput with up to 6,600 pieces per hour
- Online production model for single, double, or triple production
- Certified for CE European safety standards

Our Triax-T machine is designed mainly for small and medium runs, due to its unique stamping mandrel and the immediate recall of programmed functions. The machine is equipped with a rolling set with two servo driven axes for precision movement.

- Magnetic set for rapid changing of the silicone dies
- Production throughput up to 2,200 pieces per hour
- Touch screen, making it easier to enter settings and memorize them
- Certified for CE European safety standards
- CVI: Quality control of decoration with a camera