US25-E Frame

The new US25-E Frame revolutionizes the ability to decorate “deep” reusable containers such as crates, bins, totes, roll-off carts, garbage cans and industrial containers with a cost-effective 2.5-ton system.

Previously the decoration of “deep” containers that need more than 10” throat depth required users to select a more costly 12-ton hot stamp system despite the fact that the extra tonnage was excessive for their artwork needs.


16" Throat Depth
Industry Leading Throat Depth
 increase in printing depth previously
   attainable with an
 affordable 2.5-ton system.
2.5-Ton System
Significant Cost Savings

   The ability to realize 16” throat depth with a
   2.5-ton system can generate 
cost savings of 
   up to 40% or roughly $20,000 per system

Additional Part Clearance
Ideal for Larger Containers

   The E-Frame allows for up to 51”
over 3x more than alternative

Additional Features

Simplified troubleshooting
Ease of use and cost savings
High reliability and efficiency
Ease of use and cost savings
Reduced set up time
Ease of use
Safe, quiet, smooth cycling
Ease of use
Stable, consistent head travel and smooth foil advance Optimal quality and repeatability
Accurate cycling Minimal transfer/foil waste - cost savings
Suited for hot stamp and heat transfer applications Flexibility