Ancillary / Periphery Solutions

ITW's Industrial Decorating Solutions Division offers a large list of ancillary/ periphery solutions such as equipment, spare and replacement parts, pre- and post-treatments, as well as plate exposure units.

ITW Morlock Branded Products:

Cliché / Plate Adjustment
The Optical Cliché Adjustment is extremely suitable at high product diversity with many print variants. This system is also ideal for complex prints, such as 4-color screen printing (color matching). Using this system you can match up different clichés perfectly. 85% setting up time is saved as no test printings are needed.

Coin Adjustment
With the automatic coin adjustment the step of manual adjustment is no longer needed. The coin is turned and printed fully automatically, therefore this system is suitable not only for manual working stations but also for automation with handling.

On-Line-Quality Control
Technical features:
◾ High resolution color camera (1392 x 1040 pixel)
◾ Dedicated diffuse illumination system
◾ Speed: up to 160 controls per minute
◾ Touch screen control
◾ Easy to use
◾ Fast and automatic set up
◾ Detects defects: color variation, dirt, scratch, lack of text, & excess color
◾ Full report and automatic storing of all product process data
◾ Different levels of log-in

Trans Tech Branded Products:

Drying Tunnel:

  • Used for drying & curing a wide variety of inks
  • Cost effective & simple controls
  • Temperature range up to 220oF

Ecocure / Primocure Curing:

  • Used for curing inks at higher temps
  • Digital controls & flexibility
  • Temperature range up to 380oF

LC-6 UV Curing System:

  • Used for instant UV ink curing
  • Simple controls & small format
  • Can be used in automated line systems

Flame Treatment:

  • Used for modifying product surface for ink adhesion
  • Fast & cost effective
  • Great for automated applications

Corona Treatment:

  • Used for modifying product surface for ink adhesion
  • Safe & economical solution
  • Small format & easily installed in automated line systems

Plasma Treatment:

  • Used for modifying product surface for ink adhesion
  • Longest lasting treatment window
  • Powerful & small format for automated line systems

Anti-Static Pad Blowers:

  • Best used for static control &
    controlling ink consistency
  • Benefits ink transfer onto substrate
  • Not a beneficial option for ink that is too "thick & tacky"

Magnetic Pad Blowers:

  • Assists with ink transfer from the pad to the part
  • Especially helpful in high speed applications

Dial Table:

  • Best used for continuous part loading, & multi-color applications
  • Increases productivity & output
  • Works great with automation systems
  • Multiple fixtures needed; per position

Pad Print Part Shuttle Transport:

  • Precise color registration & accuracy
  • Improves speed & productivity
  • Promotes multi-color pad printing using one tooling fixture for lower costs

Digital Part Shuttle Transport:

  • In-line transport for ink lay down, UV curing, & ink pinning
  • Supports materials up to 10" in length
  • Accepts QuickFixTM tooling tray, vacuum table, & custom options

Reciprocating Cup Slide:

  • Easy changeover & quick
  • Benefits customers looking
    to print on long parts such as catheters
  • Allows printing for applications up to 18" in length
  • Exclusive to the Orion pad printer

Plate Etching Exposure Unit:

  • Uniform light distribution
  • Powerful vacuum
  • Highest quality etched plates with the finest precision