Pad Print Equipment

Industrial Decorating Solutions offers both single color and multiple color pad printers to meet a wide variety of customer needs. The equipment offerings range from manual to automated pad printing equipment, engineered by IDS division's top of the line pad print brands - ITW Morlock GmbH and Trans Tech.

The extensive range of equipment offered is available as manual standalone pieces, as well as complete automated systems, to satisfy all customer applications.

Pad Printing Equipment

Aero Series
The electro-pneumatic Aero single and multi-color pad printers are ideally suited for high-performance, lower volume applications.

MDX 100 Series
This cost-effective entry-level pad printing machine guarantees full functionality and pad printing performance.

MKM Series
Our carousel pad printer guarantees the highest level of precision, with a fast printing output in multiple colors.

MLS Series
This pad printing machine is specifically designed to pad print over a large distance. The MLS long slide offers a machine type that is specially designed for long and narrow printing patterns.

MSC Series
This pad printing machine is distinguished by its excellent integration capability and high speeds.

MTE Series
This series of pad printers distinguishes itself due to variable impression levels within a printing process; displacement heights can be set individually.

Orion Series
The Orion single and multi-color pad printing machines are designed to withstand the rigors of a demanding production environment.

Syncro Series
The Syncro is a servo driven, electromechanical pad printing machine offered in stand-alone as well as automation configurations. Equipped with ExpressPad™, SpaceFrame™ and ExpressLiner™ accessory parts, the Syncro offers increased operator convenience, shorter set-up times, and faster clean-up and color changeovers in the industry.