Aero Pad Printing Machines

Trans Tech's electro-pneumatic Aero single and multi-color pad printing machines are ideally suited for high-performance, lower volume applications. The intuitive design and operating features make these machines an excellent choice for manual jobs requiring quick artwork and fixture changeovers and for operations with an inexperienced pad printing workforce. Significantly reducing changeover and clean-up time, the Aero pad printers come equipped with our patented SpaceFrameTM and ExpressLinerTM, and in addition, our Aero 60 & Aero 90 pad printers come with the patented ExpressPadTM coupler.


  • Compact Footprint
  • Modular Control and Machine Design
  • Fast and Simple Changeovers
  • Convenient Table Mount
Aero 130 has added pad compression
Gives the ability to compress a wide range of pads, reduces pin holes caused by textured surfaces, and allows for a higher print quality.
Single and Multi-color options
Allows for stacking of multiple heads to obtain multi-color capabilities, for as many colors as needed.
Mechanical hold down for ink cups
Allows for larger print images with temporary plates, and no internal magnets need to be cleaned.
Patented ExpressLiner Quick clean-up, and offers cost savings by eliminating the need for clean-up supplies such as solvents and rags.
Patented ExpressPad Ease of operation and a quick, tool free, changeover.

Additional Features



Up to 30% higher accuracy rate than alternative systems Enhanced Repeatability
+/- 10mm pad stroke adjustment Greater Fexibility
Integration into automated and manual workstations Greater Flexibility
Real speeds of up to 3600 cycles/hour Speed
Safe Torque Off feature in system motor User Safety
No need for compressed air Cost and Space Savings
CE mark with local language support Ease of Use
Intuitive, full-color touch screen HMI Ease of Use