MLS Pad Printing Machines

The machine is specifically designed to pad print over a large distance. The MLS long slide offers a machine type that is specially designed for long and narrow printing patterns.


  • Flexible print pressure adaption
  • New maintenance free stroke setting
  • Optional: Integration of an additional print head (print is possible on two different heights or strokes)
  • Compact ink cup system, Morlock MCI
  • Manual working station or can be integrated into existing automation
Printing is possible on 2 different heights or strokes
Integration of an additional print head
Improved productivity
Quick changeover
Ease of use
Compact ink cup system
Ready in minutes
High speed
Up to 150 cycles per hour

Technical Specifications



Max. plate / cliché size 160 x 800 mm
Max. print size 120 x 600 mm
Pad stroke 250/400 mm vertical
Stroke setting Magnetic stroke adjustment
Max. pressure 6,000 N / 9,400 N
(600 kp / 940 kp)
Max. capacity 300 cycles/ hour in one color
Drive Pneumatic, electric
Controller SPS Siemens S7
Control voltage 24 V
Power consumption ~500 W
~1,500 kg
Dimensions ~1,800 x 1,400 x 2,300 mm