Pad Printing Supplies

Pad Print Supplies

The IDS division offers a wide range of the highest quality pad printing supplies and pad printing accessories including inks, pads, plates / clichés, laser etching supplies, and cleaning supplies. Our top of the line brands, ITW Morlock and Trans Tech also provide customers with spare parts and tooling solutions for their pad printing equipment.

Pad Printing Supplies:

Cleaning Supplies
We offer a wide range of pad printing cleaning supplies and accessories to complete your pad printing process.

Morlock and Trans Tech's product range of pad printing inks offers exclusive, high-quality colors classified in different categories. All prevailing standard colors, metallic colors, European colors, effect colors, as well as high-spreading colors that are readily available.

The Industrial Decorating Solutions division offers a wide range of the highest quality silicone rubber printing pads, designed with the industrial pad printer in mind. We carry over 1,000 different pad shapes and sizes to fit every standard and unique decorating application.

Plates / Clichés
We offer a wide range of economical plastic and laser pad printing plates to fit the full spectrum of pad printing applications. Each plate material type has valuable features and benefits that make it suitable for specific requirements and operational budgets

Spare & Replacement Parts
We provide a wide variety of pad printing spare and replacement parts to keep your printer and supplies running for many years to come.

  • Doctor Rings and Doctor Blades
  • ExpressLinersTM
  • ExpressPadsTM
  • Fittings, Filters, Tubing, and Bearings
  • SpaceFrameTM
  • Tooling / Fixtures, and many more