Cleaning Supplies for Pad Printing Systems

The IDS division carries a range of cleaning supplies for pad printing applications. The ITW Morlock and Trans Tech product lines offer exclusive, high-quality cleaning products that are designed to decrease the mess during your pad print projects, while increasing productivity.

Our ITW Morlock Brand:

Service Cart MW700 2.0 - is an ideal working tool for the pad printing operator. Made of stainless high-grade steel and therefore extremely hard wearing. Through optimization the new service cart compared to the previous version is a lot more flexible at a more attractive price range. Optimized for the pad printing users, the new MW700 2.0 is equipped with shelves to store auxiliary items, pads, tools and much more. For cleaning jobs a paper towel rack with towel holder is also integrated.

Features / Benefits:
- Functional and significantly slimmer than the previous model
- On wheels for easy transfer from one job to another
- Universal operator aid

Our Trans Tech Brand:

Job Clean-up - keeping your equipment and skin clean is important for maintaining the proper function, accuracy, and productivity of each job. Our Tran Tech cleaning products are high quality and cost effective, allowing your team to keep their areas clean, hands free of harmful chemicals, and their equipment in top working condition.
- 100% Lint Free Synthetic Wipes
- Large Alpha Swabs
- Paper Mixing Cups
- Stir Sticks
- Rubber Gloves

Inx-Off! - High performance hand cleaner
- Removes Printing Inks
- Safe for Daily Use on Skin
- Neutral Odor Without Harsh Solvents

SkapeTapeTM - Equipment tape roll cleaner
This device is engineered to provide our customers with a way to keep their pads clean during the printing process providing them with continued quality and lasting value.

The SkapeTape device works by allowing the operator to periodically remove unwanted material from the pad's surface, keeping the quality of the image free from dust specks and pinholes. The print quality is highest when the pad is clear of dust, dried ink, and other debris predominate in the pad printing process. View our SkapeTape How To Guide, located in our Resource Center, for more information.
- Part# 11400025, 72mm x 0.04mm x 100m, 4 rolls / sleeve, 24 rolls / case
- Part# 11400026, 96mm x 0.04mm x 50m,   3 rolls / sleeve, 18 rolls / case
- Part# 11400027, 120mm x 0.04mm x 50m, 2 rolls / sleeve, 12 rolls / case