Spare & Replacement Parts and Tooling for Pad Printing Systems

IDS carries a complete stock of spare and replacement parts for your ITW Morlock and Trans Tech pad printing systems. From frames and liners, to filters and tubing, IDS is here to supply you with all everything you need to complete the pad printing process. In addition to the spare and replacement parts, IDS offers tooling / fixtures and rapid prototyping solutions specific to your application needs.


Our IDS tooling experts design, build, and test a complete turnkey solution to use with your existing equipment allowing it to adapt to a new pad printing application. As your part holding and pad assembly requirements change from project to project, we can help you adapt your machine to fit new specifications with new tooling.

Our experienced technicians will help you in selecting the appropriate pad printing color for your product, as well as conduct color adhesion tests for you. We would be happy to conduct feasibility studies for you in case of complex printing processes.

Our ITW Morlock Brand:

Systems - Manually operated or automatic clamping systems with positive or non-positive fixing (i.e. vacuum) can be released depending on your application requirement. Your application decides whether to design the holding fixture as a single or multiple holding fixture (automated system).

Material - As a rule, we use POM natural material that protects your part, but is also firm and stable. If special pre- and/or post-treatments are required, other materials can be used as agreed upon.

Requirements - In addition to the detailed dimensions and information regarding your part, the printing pattern position on the component, the print height above the fixing level of the WA, available space and the fixing hole pattern, we also require a specimen component and, ideally, the specifications of the machine used. (External manufacturer as well).

Our Trans Tech Brand:

Rapid Prototyping - Our Rapid Prototyping experts work directly with you to define your requirements and expectations, and to coordinate your entire project. With our scanning services, creating a duplicate part without drawings is now a possibility. Let us scan your product and make the additional parts for you. Fully decorated, colored, and finished parts prior to production availability helps increase efficiency and productivity. Our DigiPartTM Parts are three-dimensional products created from digital files. With ValuFixTM Fixtures, quick delivery and high quality are offered at a great value. Our rapid prototyping is ideal for short and medium run projects, providing a fast turn-around on repeat fixtures. Vacuum assist is available, and is well suited for single and multi-cavity fixtures.Though fixture shapes are virtually limitless, we thoroughly test each fixture component and fixture before shipping to the customer to be sure everything is working perfectly.

Spare & Replacement Parts - Your one-stop-shop for everything you need during your pad print decorating process.
- Fittings
- Filters
- Tubing
- Bearings
- PLC Controller
- ExpressFrameTM
- SpaceFramesTM
- ExpressLinersTM
- ExpressPadsTM
- Doctor Rings
- Doctor Blades
- Mounting Brackets
- Air Cylinders
- RedStarTM Ink Cups

Tooling / Fixtures - Our Trans Tech tooling services are specific to your individual applications. Our team designs, manufactures, and then tests each fixture that is created for your specific application. We just require a sample of your part and information about your piece of equipment and decorating application, and leave the rest up to us!