SealCup Express

The original SealCup pad printer was renowned worldwide for its durability and reliability.

Patented, innovative new features allow the new SealCup Express to combine industry-leading durability and reliability with unprecedented time and cost savings.

The best features from leading North American (Trans Tech) and German (Morlock) pad printers have been brought together to bring a beloved industry favorite back with a bang.


Solid industrial construction & smart German design
Industry Leading Reliability

up to 30% less downtime than competing electromechanical pad printers
Industrial construction & thick steel clichés
Industry Leading Durability

lasts up to 50% longer than alternative systems
The tool-less SpaceFrameTM with disposable ExpressLinersTM replaces conventional ink cups.
Significant Cost Savings

Reduce labor time and cleaning supplies with up to 27% cost savings
Tool-less pad changes & super fast ink changes Unprecedented Time Savings

Pad changes up to 80% faster and ink changes up to 86% faster than with competing systems.

Additional Features



Up to 30% higher accuracy rate than alternative systems Enhanced Repeatability
+/- 10mm pad stroke adjustment Greater Fexibility
Integration into automated and manual workstations Greater Flexibility
Real speeds of up to 3600 cycles/hour Speed
Safe Torque Off feature in system motor User Safety
No need for compressed air Cost and Space Savings
CE mark with local language support Ease of Use
Intuitive, full-color touch screen HMI Ease of Use

Technical Specifications

Cycle Speed Up to 3600 cycles/hour Maximum Print Size 80mm
Drive Electromechanical Voltage Single Phase 230 V 50/60 Hz
Max Pad Compression 1080 N (242 lbs) Control Voltage 24 V
 Pad Stroke Adjustment  +/- 10mm  Power Consumption  app. 500 W
Plate/Cliche Size 100 x 215 mm Controls
Siemens PLC with Touchscreen User Interface
Ink Cup Mechanical: SpaceFrame with ExpressLiners

Magnetic: MCI Ink Cup
Machine Dimensions (WxBxH) 280x800x810 mm (without pad cleaning)
460x800x810 mm (with pad cleaning)
Ink Cup Size 90mm Weight app. 140 kg (300 lbs)