Syncro Pad Printing Machines

Our Trans Tech branded Syncro pad printing machine is a servo driven, electromechanical pad printing platform offered in stand-alone as well as automation configurations. Equipped with ExpressPadTM, SpaceFrameTM, and ExpressLinerTM accessory parts, the Syncro offers increased operator convenience, shorter set-up times, and faster clean-up and color changeovers in the industry.


  • Convenient Table Mount
  • Electronic Servo Driven
  • Fast, Simple Changeovers
  • Modular Control & Machine Design
Increased pad compression Ability to compress a wide range of pads while reducing pin holes caused by textured surfaces, and higher print quality.
X / Y pad coupler Allows for precise positioning of the pad.
Electronic servo driven Does not require compressed air, allows for more precise control of the x & z axis (alignment & height adjustment), as well as provides faster cycle time up to 60 parts/min.
Compact Space-saving, table top design, that integrates well with automation.
Prints below the base Ability to print larger / taller part sizes.
Mechanical hold down No magnets in the ink cup to clean upon job completion.

Technical Specifications



Max. plate / cliché size 70 x 140 mm *100 x 215 mm
Max. print size 50 mm *80 mm
Ink cup size 60 mm *90 mm
Max. pad compression ~300 lbs.
Max. cycle speed 3600 cycles/hour
Colors 1 color standard; variable with automation
Electrical Machine: single phase, 220 VAC, 25 A;
Controls: 24V DC
Controls Panasonic PLC touchscreen operator interface
Weight ~200 lbs.
Dimensions 830 x 270 x 902 mm
* Dimensions listed are for 90 mm ink cup