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Unique design of US25 E-Frame allows for unprecedented 16" throat depth with 2.5 ton system size

(May 7, 2018)- United Silicone (, a brand of ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS), announces the global launch of the unique-in-the-market new US25-E Frame hot stamp machine for reusable container decoration.

The new machine provides industry-leading 16" throat depth for hot stamp decoration in an affordable 2.5 ton system, revolutionizing the ability to cost-effectively decorate "deep" reusable containers such as crates, bins, totes, roll-off carts, garbage cans and industrial containers. These containers are regularly used in agricultural, beverage, food, automotive, industrial, supply chain and retail applications.

Greater Throat Depth & Significant Cost Savings
The 16" throat depth provided by the US25-E Frame represents a 60% increase in the throat depth formerly available from a 2.5 ton system. Previously the decoration of "deep" containers that need more than 10" throat depth required users to select a more costly 12 ton system despite the fact that the extra tonnage was excessive for their artwork needs. The new ability to realize 16 inch throat depth with a 2.5 ton size hot stamp system can generate cost savings of up to 40% or roughly $20,000 per system.

Additional Part Clearance
The E-Frame of the new system can accommodate parts up to three times larger in size than traditional systems, providing greater flexibility.  Whereas traditional frames provide up to 16" part clearance, E-Frame and Reverse Mount applications allow for up to 52" clearance making them optimal choices for larger containers.

Superior Support for Superior Decoration
Superior repeatability is also ensured by United Silicone´s best-in-class service support. The ability to calculate precisely how potential minute part variation will impact image quality, makes it possible for United Silicone´s experts to create optimized nesting fixtures capable of producing crisp, perfect decoration time and time again.

The US25 hot stamp machine is now available in three frame configurations- standard, reverse and E-Frame. Each of the US25 systems provide advanced capabilities for reduced setup time, high reliability, efficiency, smooth and quiet operation, and simplified troubleshooting. All machines feature stable, consistent head travel and smooth foil advance for optimum stamping quality from job to job.

About United Silicone
United Silicone specializes in hot stamp and heat transfer decorating machines. We also provide a complete range of supplies including: dies, sheets, rollers, tooling and heat seal supplies. United Silicone is a brand of ITW Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS).

About IDS
Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS), a division of Illinois Tool Works, is a global manufacturer of pad printing, hot stamping, heat transfer, and heat seal equipment and consumables. The division has four brands - Trans Tech, United Silicone, Morlock, and CER.

IDS: For more information, call +1 716-288-7636, send emails to

United Silicone: For more information, call +1  716-288-7636, send emails to or visit

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